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Fondazione di Partecipazione ISTITUTO TECNICO SUPERIORE Nuove Tecnologie per il Made in Italy - Recanati 

Sede legale: via Pintura del Braccio snc 

Sede operativa: via Brodolini 14 Recanati 62019 (MC)

Tel. 071 7570005

Fax 071 7572966

PEC - direzione@pec.fondazioneitsrecanati.it




Training Locations

Who is eligible for the courses?

Young people and adults with an higher secondary qualification,
provided they have successfully passed the entry exam.
Maximum number 20 + 4 for each course, with a 30% reservation
for students coming from outside the region

How do you enroll?

The enrollment procedure must be completed not later than
the 30th of September 2016

It is possible to enroll online at the Foundation’s website
www.fondazioneitsrecanati.it with e-mail feedback

Enrollment costs

By enrolling in the courses, the student agrees to share the costs
for purchasing the teaching material (notebook) which he will own
even after passing the final exam.


Courses will start not later than the 31st of October 2016
and are developed as follows:

Didactical laboratories at school and/or in Companies
from Monday to Friday, normally 5 hours a day

Duration 1800 hours (18/24 months)
Internships, even abroad, make up at least 30% of the total
amount of hours
First year: 360 hours, period February/April
Second year: 540 hours, period May/October

Educational qualification awarded

The final qualification awarded corresponds to level V of the European
Qualifications Framework (EQF) and is nationally recognized.
It is possible to achieve certifications of English (lev. B) and of advanced IT
during the training course
University credits


For further information: tel. 071 7570005 - info@fondazioneitsrecanati.it or
contact the spokespersons indicated under each course description.