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Fondazione di Partecipazione ISTITUTO TECNICO SUPERIORE Nuove Tecnologie per il Made in Italy - Recanati 

Sede legale: via Pintura del Braccio snc 

Sede operativa: via Brodolini 14 Recanati 62019 (MC)

Tel. 071 7570005

Fax 071 7572966

PEC - direzione@pec.fondazioneitsrecanati.it





Project knowledge – Design – Marketing and internationalization

The project is designed to train a highly qualified technical specialist (5° Lev. EQF), both in the production and commercial area, whose task is to make Italian technology, design and style the strategic and distinctive element in the international competition. Our specialist is trained to be the reference person for every phase of the project and to provide post-sale support to the client.


IIS “Mattei”
Via Brodolini 14


24 months

1800 hours



The Senior Specialist for the Made in Italy and for the internationalization of SMIs is a professional profile combining technical skills related to product and process innovation with marketing, commercial and distribution-related skills. The aim is to strategically enhance the distinctive feature of Italian design and to strengthen the potential for sales in the global market.

Training and main professional prospects

In order to place such skills in real situations, the learning process mainly takes place in certified rooms with interactive lessons, in IT laboratories, in FAB LAB, in technological labs and through internships. Internships in companies located in the Marche region, in Italy or even in Europe will cover at least 900 hours. Course attendance and internships participation are compulsory, only 20% of absence from the total amount of training hours is allowed. Furthermore, extra-regional and international activities, workshops and participation to sector trade fairs are provided. Such a professional role is mainly required by companies working in the field of marketing -
mechanics/mechatronics - design - architecture - engineering.

At the end of the training course, the student will be able to realize a product, by developing its project and monitoring the different factors featuring the product, in particular, he will be able to:
define the essential parts of the project, by identifying its strong and weak points;
select the most suitable materials;
make the technical drawing in 2D/3D of the project and virtually model the product
define the aesthetical aspects of the project;
illustrate and describe the project to third parties;
choose the most suitable marketing plan;
determine the instruments to plan the product life cycle until its withdrawal from the market;
determine the product industrial cost and sale price;
act as the company spokesperson for all the project phases;
act as the spokesperson for the client, to meet his needs, from the planning to the post-sale phase;
understand an industrial safety plan.